Protocol & FAQs


About FineTest® Elisa Kits

Q1. What are the shelf life and stability of FineTest® ELISA products?
A1. 6 months since production date. For lot-specific expiration date, pls refer to the box label. All FineTest® Elisa Kits have passed strict quality test before shipping out.

Q2. What antibody clones are used in your Elisa Kits?
A2. The information is proprietary. However the clonality(polyclonal or monoclonal) and host species details may be provided upon request.

Q3. Can I mix reagents from different Elisa Kits?
A3. It is not recommended. The Elisa reagents are optimized for a particular set lot.

Q4. Can FineTest® Elisa Kits be used partially?
A4. Yes, the Elisa plate is removable and 96T kit owns enough volume of components to allow two sets of standard curve.

Q5. Once lyophilized standard is diluted, how long can it be stored if we want to continue to use?
A5. It needs to be used within 24 hours.

Elisa Assay with FineTest Kits

Q6. Why I need to wash the plate two times before adding while use a FineTest® Elisa Kits?
A6. We typically use a stabilizer for pre-coated plates. The washings were designed to remove these components before the assay.

Q7. How long Does it take for my assay with FineTest® Kits?
A7. 3.5-4 hours for Sandwich Elisa Kits, 2-2.5 hours for competitive Elisa Kits.

Q8. How can I obtain a better signal for my Elisa assay?
A8. Increase incubation times to make sure the standard is completely reconstituted.

Samples for FineTest Elisa Kits

Q9. Why do my serum samples require dilution?
A9. Dilution with buffer is required to minimize the matrix difference between the samples and the standards to achieve better accuracy.

Q10. What is the expected concentration of a particular analysis for my samples?
A10. Since every sample is unique, it is difficult to predict as this may depend on the sample preparation and the nature of the analyses. Pls contact us for referred testing data.

Q11. How many samples can I run with FineTest® Elisa Kits?
A11. It depends on how your samples are analyzed whether in duplicate or triplicate. For example you can run 80 samples with no replicates or 40 samples in duplicates and so on.

Publication Rewards

Q12. Are there any rewards to publish papers using FineTest® Elisa Kits?
A12. If you published paper using FineTest® Elisa Kits, you will obtain US$150-US$550 coupon, please contact us for more details.